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Advanced Technology

and Digital Imaging

  • One of the first things patients notice at Boynton Family Dental Arts is the amazing technology and advanced digital imaging that we use. All of our imaging services here are digital, allowing the lowest possible exposure time and providing minimal radiation to our patients. Each operatory here is equipped with Schick Digital Imaging Sensors and Intra-oral cameras that instantly produce enhanced computer images of your teeth and soft tissue chairside. Allowing for the most accurate and detailed diagnosis and treatment planning possible.

  • We also have several 3D Imaging Units here like our Sirona Galileos CBCT for advanced treatment planning and dental implant placement, our Itero Digital Impressions Scanner and our Cerec Omnicam Scanner for the design and milling of same day, in office, crowns and bridges.


  • Dentists are often associated with only teeth, but did you know they can play a crucial role in the detection, early diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea, TMJ, and even aid in the prevention of heart attacks? 3D digital imaging can detect conditions such as bone cancer, tumors, cysts, fractures in teeth, dental abscesses and show blockages in a patients carotid artery! All conditions not visible in traditional 2D X-rays!

 Take a look at a few of our amazing digital

imaging services below! 


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Imaging:

How much radiation does a dental xray emit? 

That's a great question! And we want our patients to be informed at all times, so below we have provided you with a comparison chart that explains how minimal the exposure is with digital dental images today! 


How often do I need xrays taken?

  • The simple answer is this. Dr. Boynton diagnoses bitewing xrays one time per year and full mouth xrays one time every 3-5 yrs, IF there is no reason for concern. These must be done for your protection because there are things not visible to Dr. Boynton and our team with the human eye (like the areas between your teeth).

  • If you visit us for an emergency, Dr. Boynton will request a new xray be taken that day. He is not able to diagnose treatment without a current image. 

  • Patients needing endodontic diagnosis or treatment, presenting with TMJ symptoms or planning to do an implant will require a Cone Beam CT be taken. This typically is not a covered service by insurance companies but must be done in order for you to receive the standard of care we provide. This is no different than a doctor requiring images prior to operating and would be like asking a surgeon to perform surgery with the lights turned off. 

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