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Your smile is important for SO many reasons, your health being one. But here at Boynton Family Dental Arts, we also believe it can be the key to your success and happiness!


Time and time again, we have seen patients come into the practice unhappy with their smile and lacking the confidence they so greatly deserve. After completing their smile makeover, a different person walks out of our door! One with their chin held high and their shoulders thrown back...ready to take on the world! It truly is one of the greatest rewards we see in this field and why we love what we do! 

There are several reasons that patients decide they want to improve their smiles. Whatever reason that may be, they choose Dr. Kreg Boynton because they know he is an artist and a master at his craft. His work speaks for itself every time one of our patients shows their smile!

SMILE MAKEOVERS are done on adult patients of all ages. They range in treatment and can include procedures such as

  • Micro-Thin, No Prep Veneers

  • Full Porcelain Crowns

  • Cosmetic Bonding

  • Invisalign

So...are you tired of hiding your smile? Are you ready to feel confident and beautiful in photos again? Stop holding yourself back and show everyone how amazing you truly are! Let us help! Call today for a consultation!

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