As we age, our teeth and gums experience years of trauma. After time, we begin to see the effects and experience the discomfort associated with that trauma. An example of this would be gum/gingival recession, caused in most part by clenching or bruxism habits, but can also be a result of overbrushing. 

For decades, the only option that patients were given for the treatment of gum recession involved an invasive grafting technique. This procedure required a lengthy healing process, cutting and transferring of patient tissue and visible stitches. But thanks to the advancements in dentistry and one amazing dentist, patients now have an easier choice for treatment! 

Introducing the

Pinhole Surgical Technique

  • Invented by Dr. John Chao, a revolutionary leader in cutting edge dentistry

  • Performed exclusively at Boynton Family Dental Arts by Dr. Kreg Boynton, trained by Dr. Chao

  • Non invasive surgery with minimal healing time

  • Results achieved by making small holes in the gum tissue and then loosening and guiding the gum tissue back over the receded area​​

  • Scalpel free, suture free, graft free


  • Provides long lasting results

Gallery of Results

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